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yikes america!

2020 was extreme, especially in America.

It was a national disaster multiplied by natural disaster. 

black lives matter

black lives matter

    Summer of 2020 in New York City was buzzing with fury and warranted indignation. Black lives were annihilated by authorities with no respect for humankind. Fearless protesters of all colors with masks stormed the streets despite the pandemic. Posters were hastily stuck on boarded up stores like a wet band-aid for America's hemorrhaging wounds. 

Black Lives Matter posters


18" x 24"

Spraypaint, ink on newsprint paper

women's march 2020
women's march 2020

This American flag made of women (not to scale) was much tidier before parading thorough the Women's March of 2020 in DC. It has fluttered through three hours of sleet, laid on the White House lawn, and even tied up to the metal gates in front of the obelisk. 

women's march 


84" x 56"

relief print ink on linen

american virus
american virus

These posters were made during the weeks of citywide lockdown. It was painful to watch the virus spread like wildfire fanned by an incompetent and narcissistic president. His orange skin of the figure was represented in the first poster. Also the virus of social media seem to cloud the country from what is most essential to survive through the pandemic as a united front. "Smile Plz" and "halp..." reflected the loneliness that isolation has brought us. "On Paws" was inspired by the Netflix show "Tiger King".

american virus posters

"American Virus"

"Smile Plz"


"On Paws"



24" x 18"

tempera paint on paper

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