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                                 is an alternative-pop artist with an ethereal  voice that haunts the room with curiosities. 

Her crooning melodies, guttural chants, and down tempo instrumentals are likened to Lana del Rey, Billie Eilish and Banks.


Eunice Wong, born in Brooklyn, NY, produced and release her first and second album "Humanize" and "The Girl Who...", which resulted in four #1 hits on the Macau Radio, Macau TV channel Favorite Song Award (2017), and two music video awards (2018). She changed her artist name to YUNICE in 2022. She is working on releasing new music, and expanding into the Web3 Music NFT space.

Credits: 7up commercial, "Need You Now" with Tommie Sunshine, HULU, and "Hooking Up" movie. 


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Macau Cultural Affairs Subsidy Programme for the Production of Original Song Albums (2016, 2017)

TDM Macau Television Favorite Song Award - "Let it Go" (2017)

TDM Macau Television Best International Music Video - "Ain't Nobody Else" (2017)

Sound and Image Challenge International Festival - Best Music Video "Ain't Nobody Else" (2016)

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